Executive Council on Assessment

Committee Members 

Gary Gigliotti, Chair
Center for Teaching Advancement & Assessment Research

Michael Barnett
Rutgers Business School–Newark

Barbara Bender
Graduate School–New Brunswick

Jeanne Boyle
Rutgers University Libraries

William Fitzgerald
Faculty of Arts & Sciences–Camden

Carol Goldin
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences

John Gunkel
Faculty of Arts & Sciences–Newark

Robert Heffernan
Institutional Research & Academic Planning

Susan Lawrence
School of Arts & Sciences–New Brunswick

Roberta Leslie
Academic Affairs

Richard Ludescher
School of Environmental & Biological Sciences

Claire McInerney
School of Communication & Information

Angela O’Donnell
Graduate School of Education

Brent Ruben
Center for Organizational Development & Leadership

Joseph Schiavo
Faculty of Arts & Sciences–Camden

Mark Schuster
Student Affairs–New Brunswick

Gretchen Van Der Walle
Faculty of Arts & Sciences–Newark