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Microcredentialing Glossary

  • Accredible – A software platform that manages the creation, distribution, and sharing of digital badges and the affiliated documentation of learning achievements.
  • Approver – The person who administers the microcredential and digital badging programs across a Chancellor-led unit (CLU), or a University-wide division or department.  This individual will review submitted materials for their alignment with the guidelines for microcredentials and digital badges in their respective CLU or division/department, and respond to the submitter with feedback on their potential new program.
  • Artifacts – The documentation of learning that was undertaken in earning a particular digital badge.  This can include submitted papers, reports, videos, completed assessments, and other examples of accomplishments by the learner during the microcredential process.
  • Badging Coordinator – The person who assists submitters of new digital badges for inclusion in a CLU’s or University-wide department’s/division’s badge offerings.  They enter new badges into the digital badge software platform and make them eligible for earning.
  • Digital Badge – shareable electronic documentation of competency-based learning or validated participation in and assessment of a learning opportunity. 
  • Earned Badge – A digital badge for which a learner has completed all the necessary learning requirements and assessments, and has been given access to accept and share the badge.
  • Microcredential – a short, competency-based recognition that enables an educator to document a learner's mastery in a particular area.
  • Offered Badge – A digital badge that has been fully approved and is available for learners to earn.