Promotion Review Committee

The University Promotion Review Committee (PRC) consists of the Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development, the Provost-Camden, the Provost-New Brunswick, the Provost-Newark, one Provost-RBHS, and seven faculty members at or above the rank of Professor I. The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, as chair of the Committee, it is its sole spokesperson and presides without vote except in the event of a tie of the voting members.

The PRC advises the President from a Universitywide perspective on appointment, reappointments, and promotions involving the award of tenure and on promotions to or within the tenured ranks.

The Committee examines the evidence in each case in relation to the University’s established criteria to assure the President that the prior levels of review had integrity; and that the highest, University-wide standards of quality have been applied.

The Committee members meet each Wednesday during the spring semester to discuss their assessments of the evidence and make a recommendation concerning each proposed action.  These recommendations are then sent to the President who reviews them and submits them to the Board of Governors for final approval. 

All recommendations for actions involving tenure must be presented at the April Board of Governors meeting, with the remaining cases going to the June Board meeting.

The procedures for Faculty Personnel Actions are outlined in Rutgers Policy, section 60.5.5.  The criteria for Academic Appointments, Reappointments and Promotion can be found in Rutgers Policy, section 60.5.14

Committee Members