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Microcredentialing, Digital Credentials, Digital Badging, and Digital Certificates at Rutgers University

What are Microcredentials, Digital Credentials, Digital Badges, and Digital Certificates?

A Microcredential is a short, competency-based recognition that enables an educator to document a learner's mastery in a particular area. When these are digitally presented to learners, they are known as Digital Credentials.  Digital Badges and Digital Certificates (collectively referred to as "Digital Credentials") are shareable electronic documentation of this learning.

All Digital Credentials are Microcredentials, and some Microcredentials have Digital Badges or Digital Certificates to document the accomplished learning.

Microcredential programs break down learning into smaller components, and may incorporate co-curricular and extracurricular activity, or may be conducted outside of credit-related learning. Digital Badges and Digital Certificates are structured into competencies that may align with the interest of prospective employers and graduate education programs, with verifiable assessments for measuring learning outcomes.  Digital Certificates are a digital replacement of paper certificates presented to learners at the completion of a certificate program.  And similar to Digital Badges, these Digital Certificates enable the learner to share the documentation of their learning on electronic platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and through their email signature block. 

At Rutgers University, these opportunities exist and are rapidly expanding across our campuses and state, in our laboratories and libraries, and in our Continuing Education programs. 

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Why Are Digital Credentials Good for You?

Educators, staff, and administrators across Rutgers should consider the inclusion of Digital Badges and Digital Certificates in expanding their learning and outreach opportunities for the ability of badges and certificates to document a baseline of learning that earners can share with those who recognize the importance of this level of comprehension. The spectrum of possible digital credentials at Rutgers is limitless and bridges the credit/degree, co-curricular, lifelong learning, and workforce development areas across the University.

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Digital Credential Creation Process

The Digital Badging and Digital Certificate process at Rutgers University currently utilizes the web-based Accredible platform for digital badge and digital certificate development, use, and distribution, enabling all academic and administrative units to explore, develop, issue, and maintain digital credentials.  An account is available for each of the following areas, with an identified account approver and digital credential coordinator:

Digital Credential Visual Identity

Universitywide templates for digital badges and digital certificates have been created by University Communications and Marketing (UCM) to align with the University’s Visual Identity System. UCM’s templates are simple, clear, and adaptable for use by any Rutgers unit and have also been migrated into the Accredible platform for the creation of digital badges.

The Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies (DoCS) and the Office of Teaching Evaluation and Assessment Research (OTEAR) will provide training and support for the digital badge and digital certificate components and assessment, including workshops and other forms of technical support to assist units as they create new badges and certificates that will be consistent with and worthy of the Rutgers brand.

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