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Microcredentialing and Digital Badging at Rutgers University

Why is Digital Badging Good For You?

Educators, staff, and administrators across Rutgers should consider the inclusion of Digital Badges in expanding their learning and outreach opportunities for the ability of badges to document a baseline of learning that earners can share with those who recognize the importance of this level of comprehension.  The spectrum of possible microcredentials and digital badges at Rutgers is limitless and bridges the credit/degree, co-curricular, lifelong learning, and workforce development areas across the University.

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Digital Badge Creation Process

The Digital Badging process at Rutgers University currently utilizes the web-based Credly platform for digital badge development, use, and distribution, enabling all academic and administrative units to explore, develop, issue, and maintain digital badges.  An account is available for each of the following areas, with an identified account approver and badging coordinator:

  • Approver: Carolyn Moehling

    Coordinator: Dave Schober

  • Approver: John Gunkel

    Coordinator: Kevin Dowlin

  • Approver: Kristen Brown

    Coordinator: Kristen Brown

  • Approver: Dave Schober

    Coordinator: Dave Schober

  • For programs run through one of the University's central administrative offices:

    • President of the University
    • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    • Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration & Treasurer
    • Executive Vice President for Development and Alumni Engagement and President of Rutgers University Foundation
    • Senior Vice President and General Counsel
    • Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    • Senior Vice President for Enterprise Risk
    • Senior Vice President for Equity
    • Senior Vice President for External Affairs
    • Senior Vice President for Human Resources
    • Senior Vice President for Research
    • Senior Vice President for Strategy
    • Secretary of the University
    • Board of Governors
    • Board of Trustees
    • University Senate


    Approver: Gary Gigliotti (Committee)

    Coordinator: Dave Schober

  • Approver: Laura Costello

    Coordinator: Laura Costello

Digital Badging Visual Identity

A universitywide digital badge template has been created by University Communications and Marketing (UCM) to align with the University’s Visual Identity System that is simple, clear, and adaptable for use by any Rutgers unit.  

UCM has developed training guides to enable each of the Credly account coordinators, and units within their domain, to develop the visual identify of new badges within the established parameters and submit them for approval by the account approver.  These can be created through Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Badging Development and Assessment Support

The Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies (DoCS) and its constituent parts, including the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTARR), will provide training and support for the badge components and assessment, including workshops and other forms of technical support to assist units as they create new badges that will be consistent with and worthy of the Rutgers brand.

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