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Accelerated Recruitment of Individual Faculty

Hiring that furthers the university’s goals of diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence will be supported with 50% salary or the equivalent amount over three years, to be used for salary and benefits support, discretionary funds for the faculty as a top off to the start-up, or funds to provide protected time for scholarly activities. Note in addition that:

  • Faculty may be supported either through the Accelerated Recruitment program or the Strategic Cluster Hiring program, but not both.

  • Funding support is allocated according to fiscal year, beginning in the year following hire. Hires made in AY23-24 (FY24) will be supported with program funds as of July 1, 2024 (FY25) and forward for three years total.  Appointments that begin mid-year (i.e. February 1) will only be supported with program funds as of July 1.

Deadlines: Campus Provosts and/or Chancellor's Office will approve all requests for funds on a rolling basis and may set local deadlines and process requirements.

Materials: Deans requesting funds from the program should consult with their campus Provost and/or Chancellor's Office in advance of making an offer. Provosts and/or Chancellor's Offices will stipulate required supporting materials for funding requests. At a minimum, these materials should include:

  • Name and CV of candidate

  • Hiring department and school

  • Brief description of the process that has brought the candidate forward, with relevant position description

  • Brief description of the candidate’s field of expertise, accomplishments, and how their research, teaching, and/or professional service in the past, present, and/or future could contribute to advancing the university’s goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At the end of the annual hiring cycle, provosts will be asked to submit a report outlining how the funds were deployed, with an explanation of how all new hires will be supported by existing campus and university-wide mentoring and advancement programs.

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