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Meet Our Members of the National Academies

The national academies, dating back to 1780, are organizations of leading academics across the United States founded to promote the humanities, sciences, and technology, advance innovation and research, and provide resources to our country in responding to the challenges of the day.  Members and fellows of the national academies celebrate and promote the excellence of our highest achieving faculty members at all institutions of higher education in the United States and support the ongoing advancement of the common good across the country through the funding of research, the awarding of prizes for exemplary work, and the promotion of lifelong journeys in academia. In addition to the national academies recognized by the members of Congress—the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Medicine, and the National Academy of Sciences—on this page we also recognized the Rutgers members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Inventors.

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National Academies Reception 

Academic Affairs hosted a networking event for members of the National Academics on January 26, 2023, at the Zimmerli Art Museum. This gathering, the first since the Pandemic, celebrated the newly named inductees in the most recent years. 

(left to right) Michael Palis, Donna Nickitas, Eileen White, Prabhas Moghe, and Paul Falkowski pose for a photo

(left to right) Paul Falkowski and Alan Leslie by the buffet table

(left to right) Joel Lebowitz and Eva Andrei in conversation

(left to right) President Holloway and Brian Strom in discussion

(left to right) Prabhas Moghe, Martin Blaser, Joan W. Bennett, President Holloway, and Paul Falkowski pose for a photo.

(left to right) President Holloway shakes Thomas Jackson Lear's hand

(left to right) President Holloway, Francine Conway, Prabhas Moghe, and Yingying (Jennifer) Chen

President Holloway welcomes the guests to the National Academies Reception and congratulates the newest members of the National Academies.

Prabhas Moghe, the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, delivers remarks at the National Academies Reception

(left to right) Donna Nickitas and Nancy Cantor listen to President Holloway's speech.

(left to right) Prabhas Moghe and Richard Ebright listen intently while Gabriel Kotliar is talking

(left to right) Brian Strom, Yingying (Jennifer) Chen, Donna Nickitas, and President Holloway.