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Office of Postdoctoral Advancement

"Engaging, Connecting, and Developing the Rutgers Postdoc Community"

Committed to advancing the University’s pursuit of academic excellence, conducting cutting-edge research, and fostering innovation, the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement (OPA) supports postdoctoral researchers by being the central hub for their professional advancement and a guide to the academic policies, procedures, and offices that support postdoctoral careers. The OPA focuses on developing three specific areas: training (research training & scholarly productivity), career (advancement, planning, & readiness), and peer (peer support, common interest groups, mental health and wellness, mentoring, and global connections). We partner with many Rutgers’ units and initiatives to provide resources, and host workshops, programs, social events, and opportunities for professional and skill development — all dedicated to helping postdocs make the most of their time at Rutgers prepare them for the next stage of their career. And we help postdocs navigate postdoc life by providing information, recommendations, and referrals to campus representatives and relevant institutional contacts across the University.

To learn more, visit About Us, check our upcoming activities and schedule of events, register for one of our welcome and information sessions, and get to know our growing community of 800+ postdocs.

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About OPA

Established in 2017, the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement is dedicated to our postdocs' professional growth and career success.

The OPA team is here for you. 

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International Postdocs

Rutgers University is home to a vibrant community of postdoctoral researchers from all over the world. In fact, nearly 40% of all Rutgers postdocs are foreign nationals.

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Contacts for Postdocs

All postdocs should feel free to contact our office—at any time—about anything.  We are here to help you, and if we can't, we will connect you with someone who can.

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Institutional Memberships

Postdocs can take advantage of the following institutional memberships to advance their career and personal development.

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postdoctoral community members
information for international postdoctoral researchers
contacts for postdocs
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Type of Postdoctoral Appointments

Rutgers Human Resources categorizes postdoctoral appointments into three groups or classifications.

Knowing your HR classification and campus affiliation is crucial in determining eligible benefits. It's recommended that current and incoming postdocs and those considering Rutgers as a postdoctoral training institution familiarize themselves with each appointment type and its associated policies. Make sure you're aware of the HR classification and campus affiliation of the position you currently hold or are interested in.

Your HR classification title matters regarding benefits, regardless of your working title. Note that your working title may be different from your HR title.

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  • For postdocs affiliated at any three-legacy campuses (Rutgers–New Brunswick, Rutgers–Newark, Rutgers–Camden), their appointment could be one of two, postdoctoral associate or postdoctoral fellow. These titles are HR classification titles based on affiliation and funding source. HR classification titles might differ from your working title.


    Postdoctoral Associates

    Postdoctoral Associates are usually appointed for periods not more than one year at a time with a total allowable limit of five years.

    As a postdoctoral associate, you would be a full-time regular salaried employee of Rutgers (HR Class 1) and entitled to the same benefits as any Rutgers Class 1 employee. The department coordinator or Human Resources Generalist should schedule a welcome and benefits orientation for new employees within one week of your hire date. You will have 14 working days from your hire date to enroll and submit completed benefits forms.

    To learn about state benefits, click here.

    To learn about non-state benefits, click here.

    Please also read the current Postdoctoral Contract negotiated by Rutgers AAUP-AFT union to verify the most updated benefits for postdoctoral associates.


    Postdoctoral Fellows

    Under the Rutgers legacy system, postdoctoral fellows are appointed for one, two, or three-year periods. Postdoctoral fellows receive a stipend from either an individual or institutional award. Because this is a trainee position, there is no employee/employer relationship with Rutgers University (HR Class 9). As such, you would only be eligible for the student health insurance plan. You would automatically enroll in the Postdoctoral Fellows Health Insurance plan with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources. The coverage starts within 24-48 hours of enrollment. You will receive enrollment confirmation from United Healthcare Student Resource and will be asked to print your insurance card.

  • If you are a postdoctoral researcher working at any of the schools or centers affiliated with RBHS, your work title may be either Postdoctoral Appointee or Postdoctoral Fellow (RBHS HR Class 1).

    RBHS postdoctoral fellows may retain their title for a maximum of five years at RBHS or six years, contingent upon satisfactory performance.

    As a full-time Postdoctoral Fellow, you will have no employee/employer relationship with RBHS. As such, you are only eligible for the benefits detailed in the
    RBHS Policy for Postdoctoral Appointees, including the Postdoctoral Fellows Health Insurance plan with UnitedHealthcare Student Resources. If the position you are applying to is affiliated with RBHS, we strongly recommend you get familiar with this document and the benefits you would be eligible for.


mental health and wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

Our staff cares tremendously about the mental health and overall well-being of our postdocs.

Visit our Mental Health & Wellness page and learn about internal and external resources available to all postdocs.

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Career Development

Explore internal and external resources offered by the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement and other Rutgers offices and programs to support and advance your career, including institutional memberships to professional organizations.

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Fellowships & Grants

Rutgers University and the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement offer resources to assist our postdocs in their funding and grant writing journey.

Learn about grant writing training resources, peer review groups, boilerplate documents, a database of funding opportunities, current fellowship and training programs at Rutgers, and more.


Mentoring Resources

The Office of Postdoctoral Advancement recommends postdocs use career management and mentoring tools to stay on track with their goals and advance their career. Every year we facilitate workshops on how to use these tools.

If you need assistance or individualized guidance on how to use any of these resources, contact us ( to schedule a 1:1 session to help you.

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Teaching Resources

Check a list of current teaching resources available at Rutgers for postdocs. In addition, we include book recommendations and external resources as well. If you have questions about these resources, contact us at


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Writing Support 

Check the internal and external resources list to support your writing and publishing journey. The list includes courses, tips, and tools, among other resources.

Contact us at opa@oq.rutgers if you have any questions about these resources.

Are you looking for a postdoc position?

Rutgers is one of the highest-ranked, most diverse public research universities in the country and is proud to be home to a vibrant and ever-growing postdoc community. Join us!

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What to consider when looking for and choosing a postdoc position.

If you are considering a postdoctoral position at Rutgers, we recommend you explore the following resources:

  • Hear from a panel of speakers sharing their perspectives and advice on approaching a postdoc search.
    *Panel discussion sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies and the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement.
  • Review and reflect on these six questions before choosing or accepting a postdoctoral position.
  • Be informed about resources to support your potential training at Rutgers and the benefits you are eligible for.
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