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Office of Postdoctoral Advancement

"Engaging, Connecting, and Developing the Rutgers Postdoc Community"

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About the OPA

Established in 2017, the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement supports postdocs across all disciplines and four main campuses in their professional growth and career success.

The OPA team is here for you. 

postdoctoral community members
postdoctoral community members

Upcoming Events

Your Career On Track

The Office of Postdoctoral Advancement hosts an annual signature event, Your Career on Track, a 2-day workshop that introduces postdocs to SMART goals and the individual development plan (IDP) and helps postdocs navigate how to create a support network of mentors to help them stay on track and maximize their postdoc journeys. On day 1, breakout activities will allow participants to start defining and setting their SMART goals and creating a support network of mentors to support them in the areas they need help with. Day 2 breakout activities will give participants the chance to work on their IDPs and identify the next steps for staying on track and accomplishing their career goals.


Important aspects leading to one's career

P.R.E.P. Career Program

This four-week career development program by the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement is open to all in the STEM, Biomed, Humanities, and Social Sciences Fields Who:

  • need clarity in formulating the next steps for a career plan or finding a career path or fit
  • need guidance on how to stand out from the competition and to take the next steps in their career journey
  • need to better manage and maximize their training and career
  • are ready for a career transition but struggle to find and communicate what their unique contribution and professional value are
internal career resources
Important aspects leading to one's career
internal career resources

Are You a Biomedical Postdoc? Explore Rutgers Health: Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Rutgers Health Office of Postdoctoral Affairs' mission is to support, enhance, and promote postdoctoral training for biomedical postdocs within Rutgers Health and help prepare them for successful careers. For more information, contact Dr. Janet Alder, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Postdoctoral Affairs, Rutgers Health.

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Types of Postdoctoral Appointments

As a postdoctoral researcher at Rutgers University, understanding your HR employee classification is essential for determining the benefits you are eligible for. Whether you are a current postdoc, an incoming one, or considering Rutgers for your postdoctoral training, familiarizing yourself with the different classifications and associated policies is crucial.

Your HR employee classification matters regarding benefits, regardless of your job title.

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International Postdocs

Rutgers University is home to a vibrant community of postdoctoral researchers from all over the world. In fact, nearly 40% of all Rutgers postdocs are foreign nationals.

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Contacts for Postdocs

All postdocs should feel free to contact our office—at any time—about anything.  We are here to help you, and if we can't, we will connect you with someone who can.

contacts for postdocs

Newsletter Guidelines

Do you have an announcement to share with our postdoc community? Follow our guidelines to have your event, resource, or job opportunity included in our weekly newsletter.

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Two biomedical researchers standing next to each other looking at data and monitor
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information for international postdoctoral researchers
contacts for postdocs
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mental health and wellness

Mental Health & Wellness

Our staff cares tremendously about the mental health and overall well-being of our postdocs.

Visit our Mental Health & Wellness page and learn about internal and external resources available to all postdocs.

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Career Development

Explore internal and external resources offered by the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement and other Rutgers offices and programs to support and advance your career, including institutional memberships to professional organizations.

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Fellowships & Grants

Rutgers University and the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement offer resources to assist our postdocs in their funding and grant writing journey.

Learn about grant writing training resources, peer review groups, boilerplate documents, a database of funding opportunities, current fellowship and training programs at Rutgers, and more.


Mentoring Resources

The Office of Postdoctoral Advancement recommends postdocs use career management and mentoring tools to stay on track with their goals and advance their career. Every year we facilitate workshops on how to use these tools.

If you need assistance or individualized guidance on how to use any of these resources, contact us ( to schedule a 1:1 session to help you.

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Teaching Resources

Check a list of current teaching resources available at Rutgers for postdocs. In addition, we include book recommendations and external resources as well. If you have questions about these resources, contact us at


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Writing Support 

Check the internal and external resources list to support your writing and publishing journey. The list includes courses, tips, and tools, among other resources.

Contact us at opa@oq.rutgers if you have any questions about these resources.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA)

To promote faculty diversity and work toward inclusive excellence, Rutgers University sponsors an annual cohort of Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows

Take advantage of impactful DEIA events through Rutgers University Equity and Inclusion and the Tyler Clementi Center for Diversity Education and Bias Prevention.

9 presidential postdoctoral fellows