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Proactive, Reflexion, Empowered, Planning (PREP) Career Program

The Proactive, Reflexion, Empowered, Planning (PREP) career program is open to all postdocs in the STEM, Biomed, Humanities, and Social Sciences fields who:

  • need clarity in formulating the next steps for a career plan or finding a career path or fit
  • need guidance on how to stand out from the competition and to take the next steps in their career journey
  • need to better manage and maximize their training and career
  • are ready for a career transition but struggle to find and communicate what their unique contribution and professional value are

Using the fundaments of YouMap®, a holistic self-discovery tool, Dr. Itzamarie Chévere-Torres, certified YouMap® coach and facilitator, will guide participants to discover their four pillars of career fit and satisfaction (Strengths, Values, Skills, and Personality). Both self-awareness and early career planning are essential for career advancement and success. To experience fulfillment, your work & life must align with your:

  • Strengths (natural talents)
  • Values (what’s most important to us)
  • Preferred skills (skills that we are good at and enjoy)
  • Personality-based interests (how we are wired, our motivations)


As a result of participating in this 4-part workshops series, postdocs will:

  • receive a workbook and personalized YouMap® profile that illustrates their career fit.
  • increase their self-awareness about their four pillars of career fit and satisfaction (strengths, values, preferred skills, and personality-based interests)
  • be better prepared to identify what they need to experience career fulfillment or best career fit
  • be equipped and empowered to showcase their professional value to peers, colleagues, and future employers.

Commitment to attend all four workshops is required to be accepted into this program. We will select up to twelve postdocs to participate in this program. Selected applicants are required to complete four self-assessment tools (Gallup StrengthsFinder®, YouMap® Value Assessment, YouMap® Preferred Skills, and Career123test®).

Accordion Content

  • The program meets once every week for four weeks, two hours each time. To participate in the program, you are committing to dedicate about 3 hours per week to the program, which includes the two-hour workshop on each of these dates and about 1 hr of post-workshop assignments each week.  

    Commitment to attend all four workshops and complete four self-assessments prior to the start of the program is required to participate and receive a certificate of completion. 

    This program is for individuals who: 

    • need clarity in formulating next steps for a career plan or finding career path or fit
    • need guidance on how to stand out from the competition 
    • are ready for a career transition but struggle to communicate their unique contribution and professional value

    Additional topics may include:  

    • Your Unique Professional Value 
    • Career Fit & Fulfillment  
    • Your Deal Breakers & Deal Makers 
    • Leveraging Your Strengths and Skills – to be more efficient and productive
    • Goal Setting – supported by your strengths
    • Mosaic of Mentors Map 
    • Week 1: Getting to Know Your Strengths – Uncovering how we like to work and how we prioritize. Drafting your Value Statement
    • Week 2:  Your Values & Skills – Why we work and where we work; What we work on – tasks that energize us; learn how to avoid burnout.
    • Week 3: Personality-based Interests & Unique Contribution – Who we are and what motivates us; Professional Value and Unique Contribution
    • Week 4: Setting goals supported by your strengths and preferred skills. Develop a support network to advance your career goals using a Mosaic of Mentors Map.

    Each week builds upon the previous week discussion, and for that reason, it is important to commit to attending all four weeks to experience the full benefit of the program.

  • “Participating in the PREP program gave me more confidence in future decisions and make it easier and natural to showcase myself. It was a good opportunity to put my head into the "business world", without the anxiety and pressure associated with job searches.”

    “The most impactful influence of the PREP program was to really articulate and identify my strengths and values and compare those to the career path that I think that I want and where it could go right or wrong. Defining motivated and burnout skills really clarified the things that bring me joy about the prospect of my future career and the parts of my current working environment that do not.”

    “This was an amazing program. I am at the start of my transition stage and this program has helped me a lot to understand the initial step of Job search. I know feel it is very important to understand your strengths and weaknesses, discovering your skillsets through interaction, your burnout skills. I can make a huge list of what I gained from this workshop. I especially loved the first 4 pillars workshop. Trust me I am using that folder of my Youmap and those documents for almost everything.”

    “It was actually a good exercise to understand what I like whenever I see any job application and whatnot. It was such a safe forum where I can share my personal thoughts about career development, what I lack and what I want.”

For more information or questions about the PREP program contact Itzamarie Chévere-Torres, Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Advancement: