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Part-Time Lecturer Support

Presidential Award for Excellence

Wahab Ashraf, Part Time Lecturer, Mathematics and Computer Science SAS-Newark, and Lance C. Thurner, Part Time Lecturer in History SAS-Newark
(left to right) Wahab Ashraf, Mathematics and Computer Science, School of Arts and Sciences–Newark, and Lance C. Thurner, History, School of Arts and Sciences–Newark

Congratulations to Wahab Ashraf and Lance C. Thurner, recipients of the inaugural Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Part-Time Lecturer.

The award honors Part-Time Lecturers (PTLs) or adjunct faculty from any discipline who have demonstrated excellence in classroom instruction. Important attributes for consideration include exceptional creativity and/or curricular, pedagogical, or experiential innovations; a deep commitment to excellence in classroom instruction; and demonstrable contributions to student learning and advancement. This award especially recognizes the longer-term institutional impacts that exceptional PTLs may have on strengthening the academic fabric and vitality of programs through their successive teaching at the university over multiple years.

Wahab Ashraf, Part-Time Lecturer II, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, School of Arts and Sciences–Newark, Rutgers University–Newark

Lance C. Thurner, Part-Time Lecturer, Department of History, School of Arts and Sciences–Newark, Rutgers University–Newark

Professional Development Fund 

Funds for PTLs are available for research, conference expenses, workshops, and specific classroom materials. Applications are accepted each fall, and awards are announced each spring. 

In 2022, nearly 80 PTLs received Professional Development Fund awards, and funding totaled more than $100,635. Awards are funded by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Details for this annual award program are announced each fall. 

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