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Health Equity Academic Researchers (RU-HEAR)

RU-HEAR is comprised of multidisciplinary Rutgers faculty members who are engaged in translational research that addresses health disparities.


Our goals are to create research collaborations, community-based partnerships, and connections that result in competitive grants and publications. 



Panel Session: How to Successfully Frame Publicly Engaged Scholarship for Promotion (flyer) 

February 4, 2020


Round Table Discussion: Community Health Research Partnerships and Collaborations (flyer) October 4, 2019 Check out our photos from 10/4/19!

Panelist Session: Forming Successful Interdisciplinary, Health Equity-Related Collaborations in Grant Proposal Submissions (flyer) March 29, 2019

Networking: Health Equity Research Speed Networking  (flyer)

April 24, 2018
Forum: Building Connections For Health Equity Research (flyer) February 26, 2018

RU-HEAR Steering Committee: 

Photo  Contact Information 
David Dreyfus David Dreyfus
Rutgers Business School

Arpita Jindani
Global Health Institute

Kelly Kohler
School of Public Health
Olga_Jarrin Olga Jarrin-Montaner
Rutgers School of Nursing
Charles Senteio


Charles Senteio
Rutgers School of Communication and Information


Tracy Vitale Tracy Vitale
Rutgers School of Nursing

 For more information about this group contact Karen McCarthy