Centers and Institutes

students, the earth from space, and a spiral chain of atoms

Centers for Global Advancement & International Affairs
Serves as a welcome center for international delegations, and engages the community and international organizations and NGOs worldwide—including the United Nations.

Center for Teaching Advancement & Assessment Research
Supports teaching and learning through a variety of areas including, pedagogy and faculty development, assessment programs, instructional technologies, classroom technologies, and faculty and staff information technologies

Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities (CWAH)
Brings high quality educational and cultural opportunities to diverse global, national, regional, state, and university audiences.

Mathematics, Science, and Computer Education (CMSCE)
Through collaborative research and customized instruction, The Center for Mathematics, Science, and Computer Education (CMSCE) contributes to the improvement of mathematics, science, and computer education programs in New Jersey and in schools throughout the country. 

Integrative Proteomics Research (CIPR)
The center is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary structure-function studies of complex biomolecular phenomena and is home to the Protein Data Bank. Our faculty is internationally known and lead research on computational chemistry, structural biology, mechanistic enzymology, and bioinformatics.