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Research Council Awards for New Scholarly and Creative Initiatives: Seed Funding for Innovation Spending Guidelines

Awards may be spent only for the specific project and activities described in the funded proposal. Please note that any changes to the budget and scope of work need to be approved by the Research Council co-chairs. Requests to modify one’s budget plan or scope of work should be emailed to, along with a justification.

Research Awards Can Be Used As Follows

  1. To purchase equipment, tools, instruments, etc. Title to such equipment remains with the university, in accordance with university regulations. The equipment should be turned over to the grantee's department when it is no longer needed or when the grantee leaves the university. Please note: for the purpose of Research Council Awards, equipment is defined as tangible personal property with a usefullife greater than one (1) year and a unit cost greater than $600, including shipping, installation, and training.
  2. To pay wages to research assistants [on an hourly basis] and fees to computer programmers or other specialized technicians.
  3. To pay costs associated with consulting fees.
  4. To purchase expendable supplies and materials.
  5. To finance travel to places where essential and unique materials of research are available, such as libraries, archives, specialized laboratories, and geographical areas or sites.
  6. To rent equipment, tools, and instruments.
  7. To purchase microfilms, photostats, or other photographic reproductions of materials being studied.
  8. To purchase software that is specifically designed to aid in the conduct of your research asindicated on your award.
  9. To purchase computer time.
  10. To travel to conduct research or creative initiatives and to travel to present findings from the research project specifically funded by the Research Council at professional conferences. Please note: travel to conferences or annual meetings for professional societies for other purposes is not eligible for funding.

Funding May Not Be Used For The Following Purposes 

  1. Summer salary, salary supplement, or to pay any part of an award recipient’s salary.

  2. Any general scholarly purpose not directly and specifically required for this project. (For example, non-allowable expenses include purchase of software that is not specific to this project; memberships in professional societies; journal subscriptions; or book purchases not associated with the funded research project.)
  3. Purchase of personal computers and other types of general office equipment or supplies.
  4. Awards may be spent only for the specific project and activities described in the funded proposal.
  5. Entertainment expenses.
  6. Awards cannot be used to sponsor conferences.