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OpenTurbineCoDe: Open-Source Framework for Wind Turbine Modeling and Design

Advisor: Dr. Onur Bilgen

Nathaniel (Tani) Greengart is a senior at Rutgers-New Brunswick studying applied physics with a concentration in mechanical engineering. Tani believes that the world needs engineers, especially in current times where we face climate change and develop new sustainable energy solutions. He believes that engineers should be at the forefront to design new styles of hydroelectric dams, power plants, batteries, and wind turbines that are better mechanically, economically, and environmentally than what we had before. In his free time, Tani enjoys watching educational YouTube videos, playing fantasy football, studying Talmud, and using big words in ordinary conversation. Tani is fascinated by systems with moving parts and is also generally a big fan of planet earth, so he is excited for the opportunity to do research in offshore wind turbine design.