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Appointment Details

Priority Areas: Health Equity, Race, Racism, and Inequality
Disciplines and Keywords: Health Equity, Mental Health, Social Justice
Mentor: Takashi Amano
Mentor's Disciplines: Gerontology, Long-term Services and Supports, Human Diversity and Development
School: School of Arts and Sciences–Newark (SASN)
Department: Social Work

About Marisol Marroquín

Marisol Marroquín is a social worker with extensive clinical practice and research experience, which overall aims to improve health and mental health equity for historically marginalized communities, in particular for communities that are Latinx and autistic. Dr. Marroquín uses innovative strategies to collaborate with and highlight the voices of the Latinx and neurodiverse communities. She intends to continue addressing health disparities currently impacting racially diverse and disabled communities by continuing to create community-based participatory research to improve the health and well-being of communities. Dr. Marroquín’s work addresses the need to understand health equity through intersectional and systematic frameworks and responds to the underdiagnosis and lack of adequate support for families from racially diverse backgrounds who have autism. These efforts include acknowledging the impact of social and cultural factors like racism and ableism that can hinder optimal health opportunities into adulthood.

Dr. Marroquín recently received her Ph.D. from Arizona State University’s School of Social Work. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker with a master’s in social work (MSW) degree with a specialization in Integrated Health from California State University, Long Beach. Her undergraduate degree is from Whittier College, majoring in Spanish and Social Work. Dr. Marroquín’s dissertation, “Exploring the Mental Health and Quality of Life of Latinx Young Adults with Autism,” helped create a foundational understanding of the experiences of Latinx young adults within the autism spectrum. Due to her dissertation work, Marroquin was part of the inaugural cohort of doctoral awardees for the Grand Challenges of Social Work, selected to combat health inequities. Marisol’s extensive clinical and research experience working with racially diverse and disabled communities and her positionality as a first-generation Guatemalan-American Latina provides her with unique insights and skillset to address health disparities. At ASU, Dr. Marroquín was named the Outstanding Graduate Student at Hispanic Convocation due to her research, mentorship, and other contributions that have positively impacted Latinx communities. At ASU, Dr. Marroquín also received the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) award for her work and leadership roles within ASU through the Latin@s Unidos and Accessibility Coalition and in the local communities like being a board member for a local non-profit, Success through Education, Exploration, & Development (SEEDS) for Autism. As a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Rutgers University, Dr. Marroquín plans to continue efforts that exemplify JEDI values through her teaching in Human Diversity and the creation of a Health Equity course within the Department of Social Work. Dr. Marroquín aspires to continue creating equity and inclusion through teaching, research, and service within Rutgers University and the local community.