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Framing Policy for Technology Integration in Offshore Wind

Advisor: Dr. Josh Kohut

Khalid Mujahidden was a nontraditional senior majoring in Criminology at Rutgers-Newark. He co-facilitated at Newark's Housing Authority Training Recreation and Education Center. He served as an Assistant at the Human Action Lab. His interest included renewable energy for a clean Earth. Khalid was in an Accelerated Master's program (B.A./M.A.) at Rutgers University-Newark, and in his community in Jersey City, N.J., he was a paralegal assisting community members with understanding how the criminal justice system works, how to seek redress, what resources are available to them and how to secure those resources. He was a fellow at Braven Accelerator at Rutgers- Newark; a fellow at From Prison Cells 2 Ph.D's, and served as a Mellow Fellow at New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prison Program sponsored by Rutgers University- Newark, Camden and New Brunswick (NJ-STEP Program). His research projects transfer from criminal justice to environmentally renewable energies.