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Appointment Details

  • Priority Area: Race, Racism, and Inequality
  • Disciplines: American Studies, Feminist Disability Studies, Transnational Feminism, Ethnic Studies, Queer Studies, Undocumented Immigrant Justice Movements, Immigration, Citizenship, Racial Justice
  • Mentor: Dr. Belinda Edmonson
  • Mentor's Discipline: Caribbean Literature and Culture; Black Transatlantic Literary
  • School: School of Arts and Sciences–Newark
  • Department: English


About Eun-Jin Keish Kim

Eun-Jin Keish Kim studies im/migration, diaspora, and feminist (dis)abilities focusing on queer and undocumented im/migration. She approaches history and literature through a transnational and multidisciplinary lens. Her work emphasizes social justice, women of color feminism, and undocuqueer episteme. Dr. Kim is committed to undocumented im/migrant communities and first-generation students of color. She earned her Ph.D. in American Studies at Harvard University with secondary fields in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality and Latinx Studies. 

Dr. Kim is working on her manuscript, Unsettling Citizenship, which is about undocumented im/migrants in the United States and how they express their politics in the 21st century. Unsettling Citizenship addresses the limits and possibilities of bringing together (dis)ability and im/migrant discourse. This book emphasizes the migrant relationship to (dis)ability, presents new perspectives on citizenship, and rethinks paradigms of racial liberalism and Civil Rights by focusing on undocumented im/migrant networks of resistance to reorient assimilation narratives of im/migration. As a parallel project to her written research, Dr. Kim facilitates conversations with undocumented and formerly undocumented, or illegalized im/migrant artists, activists, and thinkers through a podcast titled, "A Revolutionary Love Letter." She aims to expand the digital humanities project to archive undocumented im/migrant activism transnationally.