Faculty Writing Retreat

Writing Retreats

Achieve your Writing Goals!

Research suggests that regularly scheduled writing blocks increase productivity and publishing rates.

Our office provides  4 Faculty Writing Retreats during the academic year to provide faculty time to focus on scholarly writing in the company of colleagues. 

The Faculty Writing Retreats provide all faculty with two days of uninterrupted time to work in a dedicated space with food and refreshment provided. 

The goals of the writing retreats are:

  • Provide dedicated space and uninterrupted time to make progress on writing goals
  • Provide food and drinks as sustenance

All Writing Retreats are “open” from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on the dates listed below.  The entire time is allocated for you to work on your writing projects – individually or collaboratively.  

**We ask you to RSVP for lunch for each day.

AY 2019-2020 - 2 Day Writing Retreats​

New Brunswick- Monday, August 26 - Tuesday,  August 27
Douglass campus student center, Douglass Lounge , 100 George St  

Registration closed!

Camden - Monday,  January 13 - Tuesday, January 14
Writers House


Newark- Wednesday, February 26 - Thursday, February 27
2/26 - NJMS Rosemary Gellene Room
2/27 -RU Newark-ROOM TBD


New Brunswick Monday, March 16 - Tuesday, March 17
Douglass campus student center, Douglass Lounge, 100 George St 


Still have questions about the Writing Retreats? Please contact Karen McCarthy