Writing Retreats

Complete your writing projects!

The Faculty Writing Retreats provide all faculty with two days of uninterrupted time to work in a dedicated space with food and refreshment provided. 

The goals of the writing retreats are:

  • Provide dedicated space and uninterrupted time to make progress on writing goals
  • Provide optional one-on-one writing feedback

All Writing Retreats will be “open” from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on the dates listed below.  The entire time is allocated for you to work on your writing projects – individually or collaboratively.  

**We ask you to RSVP for lunch for each day.

AY 2018-2019 - 2 Day Writing Retreats​

New Brunswick- Tuesday, August 28 - Wednesday, August 29 
Douglass campus student center, NJC Lounge, 100 George St  
(pdf of full schedule) 

Camden - Tuesday, January 15 - Wednesday, January 16
Camden Writers House,  305 Cooper Street
 Newark- Monday, January 14 - Tuesday, January 15
Ackerson Hall, Ackerson Lounge, 180 University Ave. 
New Brunswick Monday, March 18 - Tuesday, March 19 
Douglass campus student center, NJC Lounge, 100 George St