Do you need more dedicated time for your writing?

Our Virtual Write-on-Sites are an opportunity for faculty across the university to have dedicated virtual "space" and time each month to work on writing goals.       

Join OFD for 2 hours of writing in the company of other faculty through Webex! 
*Held weekly throughout Fall semester until 12/17/2020

All you have to do is log-in, share your goals, and get to work.
(No video required, unless you want to.)

Link to join all sessions: OFD VIRTUAL WRITE-ON-SITES (no sign-up required!)

9 am – 11 am
(9/21 and 12/14 will be replaced by Writing Retreat)
1pm – 3pm
(10/14 and 11/11 will be replaced by 
 Writing Retreat)
10am – 12pm
11/12 will be replaced by Writing Retreat)

For questions regard Write-On-Sites, please contact Karen McCarthy at Karen.McCarthy@rutgers.edu or Cayla Domeraski at Cayla.Domeraski@rutgers.edu.