What your Colleagues say about Writing Retreats

"Having attended some of the faculty retreats in the past, I can personally recommend how productive they are. It is wonderful to not have to worry about breakfast, coffee, and lunch for a day and just show up and get working on a project. I have met collaborators there and worked on projects together as well. Optional workshops on writing, publishing, and yoga are usually offered in the afternoons to help break up the day. " - David Dreyfus, Rutgers Business School

"The extended time devoted to writing at these retreats has resulted in a published manuscript and a manuscript that is almost ready for submission. The retreats continue to re-energize my writing practice and help me refocus my writing and research goals. "- Mary Emenike, Assistant Professor

"The well-timed Spring writing retreat has become my pre-conference "go to" event. The quiet collective writing energy helps to fuel that last burst of thinking before I present my ideas." - Kathe Newman, Assistant Professor