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Research suggests that regularly scheduled writing blocks increase productivity and publishing rates.

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Time to focus on your scholarly writing in the company of colleagues!  

Spring 2021 - 2 Day Virtual Writing Retreats​  - 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
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Month Dates

Mon 2/8 - Tues 2/9

Lunchtime Guest: Dr. Patricia Akhimie, Associate Professor, English and Women's and Gender Studies. Dr. Akhimie will join us Monday at noon to discuss the importance of Building a Writing Community.   


Tues 3/16 - Wed 3/17

Lunchtime Guest: Dr. Angelique HaugerudProfessor Emeritus , Anthropology. Dr Haugerud will join us on Tuesday 
to share her experience reviewing journal and book manuscripts for publishers, and serving as editor-in-chief of two scholarly journals. 


Thurs 4/8 - Fri 4/9

Lunchtime Guest: Dr. Leslie K. Wang
Associate Professor of Sociology,  U Mass, Boston and co-creator of Creating Community in Higher Ed: Women’s Coaching Group , will join us on Friday at noon to share her personal struggle with the book publishing process and her subsequent article, Demystifying Academic Book Writing and Publishing filled with practical tips and practices around writing.

Expert Advice from Previous Writing Retreats

Micah Kleit Get Published

A succinct query and targeted outreach are critical to publishing success. Micah Kleit, director of Rutgers University Press, offered insider tips during our November 2020 Writing Retreat.



Dr. Khadijah WhiteWriting Routines

With two small toddlers, Dr. Khadijah Costley White has no specific writing routine or schedule. Yet she is an acclaimed author and contributor to many prominent national publications. How does she do it? White shared her insights during our October 2020 Writing Retreat.



Jeffrey LaneWriter's Block

Suffering writer’s block? Call your mother, advises author Jeffrey Lane, who spoke at our September 2020 Writing Retreat.




Dr. Lisa RodenburgScholarly Success

Build relationships and think like a warrior, advises Dr. Lisa Rodenburg, who spoke at our December 2020 Writing Retreat.




Dr. Patricia Akhimie Building a Writing Community 

Dr. Patricia Akhimie recommends layers of support, including a weekly accountability group, a daily writing partner, and a writing coach. “It has meant the difference between getting stuff done during this unprecedented time and getting nothing done.”  Akhimie spoke during our Feburary 2021 Writing Retreat.