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Rutgers Connection Network Mentoring Program

The Rutgers Connection Network Mentoring Program is designed to increase the engagement and scholarly productivity of Rutgers faculty by providing the infrastructure, training, and facilitation that enable faculty to participate in effective and collaborative mentoring partnerships with faculty beyond the departmental level.

In academic year (AY) 2015–16 the program was piloted through funding from the New Brunswick Strategic Plan. As a result of positive feedback, the AY 2016–17 program was offered to all faculty universitywide. If you are interested in learning more please contact us.

Mentored individuals are more likely to have higher compensation, greater salary growth, and more promotions than those who are not mentored.

Allen, Eby, Poteet, Lentz & Lima, 2004

Female assistant professors with no mentors had 68% probability of grant funding versus 93% of women with mentors.

National Research Council, 2010