Program for Early Career Excellence (PECE)

Open to all early-career faculty from all disciplines in the first 3 years at Rutgers.

  • Do you want access to a larger network and resources within the Rutgers community?

  • Do you need more tools and strategies to increase your scholarly productivity?

  • Do you want peers and mentors from outside of your department to help you navigate the tenure process?

The Program for Early Career Excellence (PECE) is designed to support Rutgers’ mission to recruit, retain, and advance a diverse faculty. It is a cohort-based program for early career faculty participating together over a three-year span. The program addresses the needs of all new faculty and includes a focus on factors that have differential impact on underrepresented groups. 

Download Full Program Overview/Call for Applications HERE.  Applications are now closed.

PECE components

  • PECE is a three year program with concurrent cohorts participating.  For some program components a single cohort participates;  other activities include combined cohorts.
  • Group and individual mentoring with senior faculty from across the university.
  • Individual coaching
  • Writing support - including writing retreats and writing accountability groups.
  • Common interest groups: faculty who come together based on common research interests and/or common experience - Current groups: Faculty Women of Color (FWOC) , RU-HEAR Health Equity Academic Researchers (RU-HEAR).

What your colleagues say

"I always left with the feeling that I had a concrete thing or two to try out."

"I value the community of junior faculty."

"I liked that my mentor was not in my department, so I could discuss issues without being uncomfortable."

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To learn more about PECE, contact Bernadette Gailliard at

Check out our newest cohort in action at 2-7 workshop in New Brunswick here!