Program Activities

60+ faculty—universitywide—participating in yearlong mentoring partnerships

Committed to a yearlong mentoring partnership, faculty members participate in monthly meetings with their mentoring partners, participate in activities to network and build mentoring skills, and receive tips and best practice resources to facilitate effective and collaborative mentoring partnerships with faculty beyond the departmental level. More specifically, program participation includes:

October: Program Orientation (Required)

  • participate in kick-off event where pairs get to know eachother (and others in the network)
  • establish ground rules and expectations for mentoring partnerships
  • facilitate process to clarify goals for the year
  • share key concepts and strategies for effective and collaborative mentoring

November: Mentoring Skills Workshop (Required)

  • learn about their collaboration style and others through an interactive workshop
  • develop, practice, and refine mentoring skills

February: Spring Networking Event

  • Kick-off the spring semester by connecting with others in the network

March, May: 2-Day Writing Retreats

  • benefit from dedicated and quiet time and space to get writing done; group accountability
  • learn new tips and techniques to become a more effective writer
  • consult with a coach and writing experts (from grants administration, publishing, etc.)

May: Recognition Luncheon (Required)

  • participate in the final program event, where contributions to the program and partnerships are formally recognized, and
  • are honored by deans, chairs, and senior leadership

Monthly Activities (October–August)

One-on-one meetings with assigned partner

  • discuss and plan for progress toward goals
  • give/receive regular encouragement and accountability
  • benefit from a safe and outside perspective

Check-in calls

  • receive a phone call each semester from an assigned member of the Mentoring Executive Committee
  • purpose of the phone call – make sure mentoring partnership is on track, goals are being met, and any issues addressed

Key Dates