OASIS Professional Development & Leadership Program

OASIS Leadership & Professional Development

Open to all female faculty, university-wide from all disciplines, career tracks, and stages. 

  • Are you interested in career advancement?
  • Do you want to become a more effective leader, communicator, and negotiator?

  • Do you want to increase your scholarly productivity?

  • Do you want to build stronger networks?

The OASIS Leadership and Professional Development program is designed to advance a gender diverse faculty by providing opportunities for all academic women to enhance their leadership, communication and negotiation skills; build stronger networks.

The next OASIS program will be held on the Newark campus in Spring 2020. 

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Oasis components

What your colleagues say

“The OASIS program allowed me to strengthen critical valuable skills such as time management, negotiation, writing, speaking, and presenting."

"...I feel I am able to use my time more effectively because I prioritize better, set boundaries better, and try and make work I do ‘count twice’ for productivity."

"Not only do I now have a wonderful peer group, I also established two scientific collaborations and got three papers off of my desk."

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To learn more about OASIS,  contact Joanne Cattafesta at joanne.cattafesta@rutgers.edu