group of faculty at an OASIS workshop

OASIS Leadership & Professional Development

The OASIS Spring 2019 program will be held on the New Brunswick campus (applications are now closed).  
  • Do you want to become a more effective leader, communicator and negotiator?
  • Do you want to become better at navigating the priorities in your professional and personal life?
  • Do you want peers and mentors from outside your department to help you advance your career?                                                          

The OASIS Leadership and Professional Development program is designed to advance a gender diverse faculty by providing opportunities for all academic women to enhance their leadership, communication and negotiation skills; build stronger networks; increase scholarly productivity; and accelerate career advancement.

Oasis components

  • OASIS is a semester-long cohort program that rotates between the RU-NB, Newark and Camden campuses
  • Interactive workshops
  • Peer group mentoring within the cohort
  • Group and individual mentoring with senior faculty from across the university 
  • Individual coaching
  • Writing support – including  writing retreats and writing accountability groups.
  • Common interest groups - faculty who come together based on common research interests and/or common experience

What your colleagues say

"The OASIS program provided me with an opportunity to hone my interpersonal interactions and develop leadership skills."

“Since OASIS, I have had more than a dozen articles plus a book chapter published or accepted and received funding for three of my research projects.”

It was so empowering to get to know other women faculty across Rutgers, hear about their challenges and successes, and build a sense of community. OASIS continues to give me energy today, even at a distance of several years.”

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To learn more about OASIS,  contact Joanne Cattafesta