Yvonne Gonzalez Biography

Yvonne GonzalezYvonne Gonzalez, a Rutgers University Alumna, has 14+ years of experience in the development and management of several multi-million dollar education and workforce development projects aimed to increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. 

Supporting the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Yvonne helps university leadership maximize talents and opportunities for individuals and the institution by developing strategies that build capacity and advance faculty development initiatives university-wide.  Most recently, Yvonne has pioneered Rutgers’ first Faculty Learning Community, now called Faculty Leading Change, and Rutgers’ first faculty-to-faculty mentoring program, called the Rutgers Connection Network Mentoring Program, which has resulted in increased levels of productivity and career satisfaction for faculty.  She also  oversees the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, which supports postdoctoral researchers and their faculty mentors by providing a central hub for professional development opportunities, knowledge sharing, and community building.

Currently pursuing a Masters in Human Resource Management, Yvonne is a strong advocate for investing in people first.  She believes in the power of developmental networks and enjoys bringing individuals together around a common purpose – especially those that would not traditionally work together.  She has experienced firsthand the many benefits of mentoring, collegiality, and collective and creative problem solving, and works to expand and integrate these practices throughout the university.