The Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes

The Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes, CACP, is an initiative of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. CACP was founded in 1987 and has a long history of recognizing excellence in diversity and inclusion. This year the committee was reconstituted to review the mission and program guidelines of the CACP. Dr. Denise Rodgers, the Vice Chancellor for Inter-professional Programs, RBHS, serves as chair, and Isabel Nazario, associate vice present for strategic initiatives is co-chair. The reconstituted committee of faculty, students and staff represent the four campuses of the university— Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark, Rutgers-New Brunswick, and Rutgers-Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS).

Building on the past record of CACP programming, and in conjunction with one of the key integrating themes identified in the University's strategic plan,—“Cultures, Diversity and Inequality, (both) local and global;” the new committee members have held several meetings to make recommendations enhancing and supporting further development of CACP.

As part of the renewal process the CACP rewrote its mission:

The Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes promotes the development of a university community that values and advances diversity and inclusion. We will help to nurture and sustain a civil, compassionate, intellectually honest, and inclusive academic community that is respectful and fosters dialogue, and interaction between those with differing views and belief systems.

The CACP has renamed the Human Dignity Award after the late Dr. Clement A. Price, Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor and former chair of CACP. This award recognizes outstanding individuals or groups who have demonstrated extraordinary achievement and commitment to promoting and practicing diversity and inclusion at Rutgers University and/or in partnership with the broader community.

In addition, the CACP will administer the Faculty Leaders in Diversity Awards. This award honors a select number of faculty who have been leaders in promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and access at Rutgers, either through their own research and teaching, and/or in other venues. Both awards will be presented at a CACP reception in the Spring of 2016.

CACP has also supported grants for programs that advanced diversity and “championed the values that celebrate our differences while advancing our common purposes as a community.” The mini-grants program for diversity and inclusion programming is currently under review by the CACP. As soon as the committee has reached a decision it will be announced on this web site.